“Trapsoul” Is Bryson Tiller’s Peak

When I kept seeing the name “Bryson Tiller” and “Trapsoul” run across my timeline on Twitter, I knew I would have to check him out.

The fuckboys of the world found themselves in Tiller and women knew a nigga like him. Off the rip, I knew he would be some kinda spawn from Drake so I was prepared for the half-rap/half singing croons that the title “Trapsoul” even alluded to.

After giving the album a listen, I actually liked a couple of songs but I knew he wouldn’t last long. Even though “Trapsoul” is a solid body of work for a first album, I felt like Bryson gave us all of him in exchange for a short career life span.

With his gimmick as the “heartbroken fuckboy who had one too many chances”, “Trapsoul” is pretty basic and replaceable. The beats are soothing, the lyrics are easy to remember and relatable but there’s nothing that makes him stand out besides being the newest “PartyNextDoor/The Weeknd/Drake” hybrid with a twist.
I don’t see him following up from this project because I wasn’t left wanting more. When he dropped “Self-Righteous“, it only confirmed what I already thought. It wasn’t as catching as “Don’t”, “Exchange”, “Sorry Not Sorry” and “Been That Way”.

Hopefully, Bryson Tiller milks as much of the fame and touring as he can because sooner than later, he’ll be out the game once someone hotter drops.


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