Big Sean: The Underdog

I’m speaking it into existence: 2016 is the year for Big Sean.
I know you may be looking at me like:
but hear me out.

 Of all the mainstream rappers out, I consider him the underdog.
Coming off the success of “Dark Sky Paradise“, Big Sean has came into his own in hip hop yet he’s still not getting the recognition he truly deserves.

In his “Finally Famous” days, he reinvented the “pause, stop” flow with “Supa Dupa Lemonade“and had a ton of rappers take his wave (I won’t say any names).

He has consistently put out hits:

and when featured on a song, he holds his ground (except in “Control” because everyone was too focused on Kendrick’s name dropping).

2015 was a stepping ladder for Big Sean. His project for “Dark Sky Paradise” had a lot of people talking. To me, the project was solid and gave a better representation on who Big Sean really was. The video for “Play No Games” was creative and a breath of fresh air while making us feel nostalgic.

I think he’s really about to spazz on his upcoming album. He has always been hungry from day 1 to be at the top and he isn’t full yet from the success. Even though he’s humble about it all, Sean is a threat that no one wants to acknowledge but I see him. He’s only getting better with time and I can’t wait to see what’s in the works for 2016.

Edit: I must be on to something because Big Sean himself liked my post about him on IG


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