As much as I hate to say it, “The Life of Pablo” is Ye’s worst album and I don’t care what ANYONE says.
I know Kanye fans don’t want to admit it to themselves (I didn’t either) so they’ve become as delusional as their fave but I’m here to speak the truth.

When I found myself forcing head nods  while trying to vibe to the album, I knew there was a problem.
I’ve let Ye get away with a lot of things:
tumblr_nyn8dkthsw1tnpvnio1_250his ignorance
his rants
his temper
his ghostwriters
Yeezus (well actually, I like Yeezus)
The Kardashians
his tweets
being an attention whore,  
just to name a few.
What he did in the outside world didn’t matter to me as long as the music was on point. I’ve always been about his music and he always delivered for me despite the bullshit. However, for me to sit here and act like TLOP is a good album would go against my code as a Kanye fan.

As I awaited for Yeezy season to approach, I was super hyped about the album. I didn’t care about the name changes (So Help Me God->SWISH–>Waves—>TLOP), his antics, the change of the tracklist or anything because I knew he knew what he was doing….or so I thought.

When he had the listening session in MSG, that’s when I started to get nervous. As I saw all the hypebeasts nodding their heads offbeat, I was waiting to hear a track I liked. I brushed the doubt off and blamed it on the bad TIDAL stream quality. “When he officially drops the album, I know I’ll like it” I reassured to myself.

When TLOP finally was released, I started listening to it and stopped right in the middle of it and went to sleep. When I woke up and gave the album another listen, I was left unsatisfied and lost. All the TLOP stans are looking at me like:


I panicked.
“What’s wrong with me? Why don’t I like the album?”
“Did I miss the message?!”
“Wow, I’ve become one of those people who hated 808s and Yeezus”


I’m scrolling through my timeline on Twitter, HOPING someone agrees with me and everyone’s talking about how “dope” TLOP is and I was just sitting there looking like:

The tracks that I like are “Wolves”, “FML”, “No More Parties in LA”, “Real Friends”, “I Love Kanye” and “Feedback”. I’m still trying to figure out why Chance was fighting so hard for “Waves”. The other tracks had some stand out moments but nothing that really won me over. I think Big Ghost gave a really good review of the album  and its mishaps but I was a little taken aback that he gave it a 4 out of 5 after all his heavy critiques. It definitely was a 3 star album.

I know Ye is always all over the place but TLOP sounds like he  just said “fuck it”jj

Maybe that’s the point of it but I don’t rock with it at all. Yeezus > TLOP. As much as people hate on Yeezus, it made sense and sounded good even when it wasn’t supposed to.I think the main reason people aren’t being too hard on TLOP is because Kanye inserted some quick gospel aesthetics (the vine snippet, Kirk Franklin, choir singing), a dash of “old Ye” sound and called it a “gospel” album . The second reason is due to the production. The production IS solid but the concept of the album falls short. I don’t expect Kanye to have the greatest #bars but the random mentioning of “bleached assholes”, being richer than Ray J and Blac Chyna/Rob just wasn’t enough for me to be blown away. Having hella features overshadow his subpar lyrics (including a Future knock  off) couldn’t distract me enough to embrace it, either.

I see why he wanted to call it “So Help Me God” because he needed nothing but prayer to get people to like this album…and most of them fell for it…except me. I guess the Lord heard you Ye.




One thought on “TLOP=FLOP

  1. While I don’t hate the album, the annoying thing about TLOP was that Kanye was the worst part of it. On Ultralight Beam, everybody got to shine — especially Chance, who stole the show — while Kanye just sang terribly on autotune. When you’re the weak link on your own damn album, that’s a huge problem.

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