Fabolous: Mr. Lowkey

Hot 97: Fabolous Talks Being Doubted, Summertime ShootOut + New Album or Nah!?


As a vet in the game, Fabolous has found a way to keep reinventing himself and still keep the classic sound of New York. Dropping projects like “There Is No Competition” and “The S.O.U.L. Tape” series, “Young OG Project” and “Summertime Shootout” has showed why he is still a major player in the game.  Reading this article from Complex really detailed how much he has grown and has been slept on.

What kills me about being a Fab fan is that he doesn’t get his props. People like to clown him yet his mixtapes and even his last album “Young OG Project” were getting mad love from social media. He has found a formula to use social media to his advantage and incorporate it into his music, dropping joints like “Thim Slick”, “Cuffin Season” and “Cinnamon Apple”.

Putting out new music around the holidays has become a powerful marketing strategy for him to maximize his listeners’ ears and his audience always awaits. The cohesiveness of his mixtapes gives you different sides to him. The “There Is No Competition” series showed you how he can still slaughter with his lyrical ability and witty punchlines.

The “S.O.U.L. Tapes” took on slower and soulful production while still delivering storytelling, thought provoking bars

An underrated strength that I love about Fab is that there’s always a stand out track that that’s great for the ladies and even the fellas can appreciate it. Songs like “She Did It”, “Got That Work”, “She Wildn”, “Doin It Well”, “Beauty”, “Thim Slick” are important and Fab knows it. His ability to show love to his female audience or to speak on relationships from the male point of view makes him relatable.

Fab is a jokester. Even though he comes off as a serious guy, you hear his playful side in his raps and on skits. I like that he isn’t afraid to play with his punchlines and takes chances on metaphors.

Fab doesn’t press for the limelight but it’s clear the shine is still on him. He has managed to stay afloat with competition even when he’s being lowkey. He does his own thing and is consistently working and I appreciate him.


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