Miami Female Rap Duo: The Step Sisters


Captivating the essence of the underground Miami culture, The Step Sisters are a female rap duo to watch out for. With songs like “Borrow Yo Man”, “Naughty Gal” and “Dope Bitch”, it’s clear that these women are not afraid to speak their minds.

The duo have been getting rave reviews from Vibe , On My Hip Hopish and The Rap Manager, Mona Vinci and Nina Blaque are quickly gaining the attention of Miami’s rap scene.

I first heard about these rappers at Vive Block Party during Art Basel weekend, where they took over the stage with their cutting lyrics, colorful appearance and their strong stage presence.

The pair clearly do their own thing and their “don’t give a fuck” attitude proves it- letting their music speak for itself.

  The Step Sisters give you a peek into the Miami world from the female perspective.  They paint a vivid picture of the diverse fast paced life of the scene they live. You understand their hustle mentality along with the showboatin’ lyrics and how they grind every day to live out their dreams.

Listen to their album “40’s and Jumpsuits” on Soundcloud now!



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