Flashback Friday: “The Players Club”

I remember when my mom would say “go find a movie to put on” and I would players-club-diamond-ogo to her movie collection box. As I named off films, I would always slide in “The Players Club“‘s name hoping she’d say “Yeah, I’m in the mood for that”. I loved watching “The Players Club”. When I was alone in the house, I would sneak and re-watch Lisa Raye strip to “Seems Like You’re Ready”. She may not be that great of an actor but she came through tumblr_nv2f2yrb4q1qlzef1o1_400for Diamond’s dancing scene.

What’s not to love about “The Players Club”? The script was very deep.

We meet a pregnant Diana (played by Lisa Raye) who moves out of her parents’ house ALL because her father did not agree with her going to college at a HBCU. She starts working at a shoe store to work her way through the school of her choice and meets antagonists, Ronnie and Tricks, who tell her they strip at “The Players Club” and convince her to quit smelling feet all day and shake her ass to make some real money.
She works at the club for four years under her stripper name “Diamond”  but when her cousin , Ebony, comes to live with her, problems surface. Despite, Diamond discouraging Ebony from working at the club, she does it anyway.
The cast features stars like Bernie Mac (RIP), Ice Cube, Jamie Foxx, Terrence Howard, Charlie Murphy, Monica Calhoun and John Amos (from Good Times). We meet Bernie Mac as “Dollar Bill” who gives an incredible monologue on the origins of stripping:

The actors hit you with great advice…

Iconic quotes and scenes…
and to always remember to never get TOO lost in the sauce:


oh, and how can we forget that this classic birthed this gif:

Why didn’t this film win an Oscar?! If anything, the actress who played “Ronnie” (Chrystale Wilson) should have been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress/Best Supporting Actress. She was servin’ looks throughout the whole film.
And how can I not mention the cop stripper party?

She was simply the villain you loved to hate.

The BIGGEST LESSON that is missed in the movie is that parents should let their kids go to the college of their choice!
You might be like “WHAT?”
If you watch the beginning, Diamond says “When I was a senior in high schooI, all I wanted to do was attend a famous black college and study journalism. But my father had different plans for my life.

Then in the following scene, her father yells at her “You’re not going to one of those nigger colleges! You have the opportunity to go upstate to a good college…”
None of this would have happened if Diamond’s father would have accepted that she wanted to go to a HBCU instead of a PWI! (I always want to bring this up when black Twitter is having their weekly “PWI vs HBCU” discussion).

“The Players Club” is a cult classic and doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.
It is guaranteed to make you laugh, bring you the drama and to always remind you to be about your cash (even if you gotta shake ya ass) and stay out of the BS.


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