New Album: Kilo Kish- Reflections in Real Time

Kilo Kish is back this week with her most personal project to date,
Reflections in Real Time“.

Stream the album on Apple Music or buy it on iTunes
With 20 tracks on the album, Kilo Kish takes us on a journey to uncover who she really is.
Tracks named “Age + Self Esteem: The Funhouse Mirror”, “Distractions I: The Opposite Sex”, “Hello, Lakisha”, and “Frustrations + Solutions” clearly will answer where Kilo has been and how she has been feeling since her absence.

Encompassed with soothing and trippy beats topped with vulnerable and self exploration lyrics, Kilo Kish has taken her music to a deeper level by exposing the truth about herself: the fears, doubts, inner peace and self awareness.

Want to know more about “Reflections in Real Time”? Check out her interview with W Magazine.


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