Review: Cardi B Drops “Gangsta Bitch Music Vol 1” Mixtape

I can’t lie: I have a soft spot for Cardi B. She’s a former stripper who gained a lot of attention from the silly ratchet videos she made on her Instagram account and transitioned into a reality star on “Love and Hip Hop: New York”. More importantly, she’s using the fame to milk as much shmoney as she can from it. On her recent interview on The Breakfast Club, she was promoting her new mixtape, “Gangsta Bitch Music Vol 1”. Cardi was already hinting that she was going to try her hand in music, dropping songs like “Boom Boom Remix” with Shaggy and Popcaan and “Cheap Ass Weave“. She made me laugh so much in the interview that I decided to check out the project. Even though she’s not taking herself too seriously, the mixtape is actually pretty good.

The artwork cover alone tells you what you’re going to be in for.

cardi-b-gangsta-bitch-music-mixtape-compressedThe mixtape is 100% Cardi B. She takes you into her lifestyle and experiences through funny skits, hot production and seals it with her humorous lyrics. Her flow will probably surprise some folks and you can definitely tell she put time and effort into the whole tape.

Tracks you’ll have on rotation: 
Washpoppin (guaranteed to have you twerkin)
I Gotta Hurt You (jersey club beat)
Ten Trick Commandments (self explanatory)
Lit Thot

Other tracks I was feelin’: Trust Issues, On Fleek, With That, Sauce Boyz
Personal songs: Selfish, Everything

Cardi floated on these tracks while telling her story and I think fans will enjoy this project. She’s not trying to be someone she’s not and the mixtape reflects her image and personality. People can say what they want about her but Cardi B seems like a sweetheart who is using what she knows best: her hu$tle.

Stream/download “Gangsta Bitch Music Vol 1″ on datpiff or buy it on iTunes.



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