WOT: Get You an Ayesha Curry

It was only a matter of time before Twitter went into their monthly topic on how women should behave and act.

The foreplay started on Monday with Kim Kardashian dropping this:

then International Women’s Day on Tuesday:
and by Wednesday,  Ayesha Curry had been drafted as Twitter’s ultimate #WCW (The previous Twitter #WCW was Michelle Obama) after a video surfaced of her throwing confetti on her man, Stephen Curry, after a Warriors game.
(I wish someone told me that confetti was the key to a guy’s heart!)

You may be saying:
but it’s true. I saw it play out with my own eyes!


Men of Twitter tweeted viciously away as they claimed to want a woman like Ayesha Curry but was in a world full of Kim Kardashians  and Amber Roses.

Women of Twitter raided their mentions and fired back with comments on patriarchy,
misogyny  and male gaze

and throughout it all, I sat back, watched and read the tweets like


I hate when these topics occur because the purpose of them is to troll.
The answer is obvious: DO YOU.

We don’t know how Ayesha Curry really is. If we found out Steph was cheating on her, then what? Men on social media love to turn women against each other by shaming them with their ideal of what a “real” woman/wife is.
I see women from all walks of life get play AND get playED. We see men on TV and in real life who have “Ayesha Currys” and leave them for “Kim Kardashians”. There is no cookie cutter image of what and how a woman should be to get a man.  I know women who are “Ayeshas” with a dash of Kim; “Cardi Bs” with 3 cups of “Ayesha”. Good girls who want to be bad. Bad girls who are really good.
Stop categorizing women in such limiting figures. 


These niggas gonna CHOOSE regardless of what they say.


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