New Album: “Sept. 5th” by OVO dvsn

Recently signed to OVO, dvsn is making moves in 2016 by dropping their 10 track album,”Sept. 5th”. Though there is little information on the group, speculations pointed to Nineteen85, who is an OVO in house label producer and Toronto singer, Daniel Daley, as the culprits for this soothing R&B masterpiece. While Daley provides his crooning vocals to assist Ninteen85’s smooth production, Sept. 5th really has an alluring appeal that blends contemporary R&B with dashes of other musical influences that will have you floating into nostalgia. From the vocal arrangements to the the boldness of the lyrics shimmered with electric and bluesy sounds, dvsn has created an album that traps you with dreamy vocals and sultry tunes while going back to sensual R&B.

On “Hallucinations”, the song reflects back to the old saying “tis better to have loved and lost: than never to have loved at all“. 

“Too Deep” is an attention grabber with its sensuality and sexually charged lyrics about falling for someone.
(And I think we’re)
In too deep
Don’t wanna pull out

What I like about Sept. 5th is that it manages to balance mature sounding R&B with a modern touch. It’s an album that makes you think about sex with sensuality and sultriness. It’s seductive and compliments OVO’s roster. With songs like “With Me”, “The Line”, “Do It Well”, you are sure to find a song that captivates you.

Stream and buy the album  here.















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