WOT: Love and Basketball- NBA Shenanigans

March was pretty boring to me but leave it up to social media to send it off with a bang. Today’s “While on Twitter…” moment focuses on the cheating scandals between Kehlani/Kyrie Irving/PartyNextDoor and the situation with Nick Young/D’Angelo Russell/Iggy Azalea. Mona Scott should seriously start thinking about doing a “Love and Basketball” show because the NBA has more entertaining drama than Love and Hip Hop this week.

RECAP: The shenanigans started on Monday. Songwriter/singer/Kehlani’s ex, PartyNextDoor, who has a new song out called “Come and See Me“, posted this to Instagram:
screen20shot202016-03-2820at202-34-2820pm_o4rmckyet, Kehlani was supposed to be currently dating, NBA player Kyrie Irving
screen-shot-2016-03-28-at-3-45-39-pmSocial media went in with the jokes as usual…

until Kehlani deactivated her Instagram, only to later post these pictures (she deleted them)

Social media then started to feel sorry for Kehlani  after they found out she was in the hospital for attempted suicide and even had #StayStrongKehlani trending on Twitter. Yesterday, Kyrie finally spoke about how he felt about all the shenanigans.

#KyrieIrving speaks on the #Kehlani & #PartyNextDoor situation!

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So now we must ask:
This whole situation was a mess and I don’t know what to believe. PND shouldn’t have posted that picture if Kehlani wasn’t aware of it (unless he and Kehlani were trying to be messy but it backfired). Kehlani and Kyrie both claim that she didn’t cheat so the whole situation could have been shut down easily.  Maybe it’s all a big misunderstanding but celebs and social media don’t mix well. I can only imagine what their PR teams were going through (unless this was all for publicity). Sometimes I doubt that these celebs even have a PR team (I’m looking at you Chris Brown. Here’s what he had to say about the matter)

Next up on “Love & Basketball”: Nick “Swaggy P” Young, D’Angelo Russell and Iggy Azalea

Recap: Remember when Kobe snitched on Shaq? Well history repeats itself after a video of Nick Young confessing to cheating on his fiancee, Iggy,  while secretly being recorded by D’Angelo leaked. Here is the video that started it all.


Whether it was a prank or to be malicious, the damage has been done. Iggy’s response to the whole scandal:

hiphopD’Angelo broke the bro code so Twitter had to punish him with jokes and memes…

The attention of the situation was so bad that a conference was held to clear the air between the two teammates. SBNation breaks down the scandal even more but the simplified version of the story is that Nick got caught slipping and both parties are in the wrong. Nick shouldn’t have been cheating and this would have never happened. He looked sick while giving his interview to the press about what happened and may have jeopardized his relationship with Iggy. Rookie D’Angelo broke his teammate’s trust and privacy. Now, D’Angelo will have to earn back the alliance of his teammates and carry this on his reputation. He even got booed by fans at the game!

dcgkcqaAs I wrap up this episode of “Love & Basketball”, I think the most important thing we got from these stories is that “if you’re going to CHEAT, be NEAT” (especially if you are a celeb) OR don’t cheat at all.


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