I Was Rooting for You, Sevyn Streeter

I really love Sevyn’s voice and she is an amazing songwriter. With writing credits for Chris Brown, Ariane Grande, Tamar Braxton, Brandy and more, she has solidified her pen game but her career as a singer is still up in the air. Sevyn is one of the few R&B songwriters I thought could make it as a solo artist. However, her career as a singer has only gone so far despite her accomplishments. After leaving Richgirl and signing with Chris Brown’s CBE label, Sevyn dropped Call Me Crazy But…,  which was full of heartbreak hits.  The project was solid, the single, It Won’t Stop, was circulating the radios and I thought that Sevyn would finally have her big break. Unfortunately, the moment was short lived.618506554

Though Call Me Crazy But… was a great EP, it barely got promoted and marketed right. By the time the videos for some of the songs were put out, Beyonce dropped her self titled album and Sevyn got overshadowed. I was so disappointed in the lack of promo for the EP because it was the perfect opportunity to shine and snatch wigs as a new artist.

The next project Sevyn Streeter put out Shoulda Been There, Pt. 1 which featured tracks like “Don’t Kill the Fun,” “Boomerang” and the title track Shoulda Been There featuring ex boyfriend, B.o.B. While the mixtape consisted of mainly interludes, I didn’t like any of the songs I heard on there besides Boomerang (and even that had to grow on me).

The buzz for Shoulda Been There, Pt. 1 was low. I felt like Sevyn got lost in the sauce of being in a relationship with B.O.B. in this era. She wasn’t focused and when the relationship ended, it wasn’t a good look for her.

Now in 2016, Sevyn’s next project is On the Verge. Though there hasn’t been much information regarding the album, Sevyn has been in the studio working on it.

Will Sevyn’s success from songwriter to solo artist ever happen? She has a great versatile voice and she can write her ass off. I hate how Call Me Crazy But…  got overlooked when it had quality tracks on there. I’m hoping in 2016 that Sevyn really brings her A game to become a prominent force in R&B.


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