K Camp Appreciation Day

Am I the only one who loves K Camp? That man knows how to make hits and I want to see more of him in the following year.

He is well known for having everyone chanting “money baby”

and had everyone in the club screaming that they needed to cut that bitch off

K Camp has made it clear that he knows how to create anthems and has other songs in his catalog that show how much of a hitmaker he is. Though I was disappointed with his debut album, Only Way Is Up, I still got love for him. Some projects you can check out from him are the K.I.S.S. mixtapes, the SlumLords and One Way.

If this song doesn’t motivate you to grind, I don’t know what will. That snippet of Lil Wayne speaking in the beginning always gets me hyped.

Money Talks speaks for itself

Slum Anthem brings out my inner savage

I love when K Camp gets nasty and makes a song geared towards the ladies

Other honorable mentions:

He is currently in the studio working on new music. He tweeted a song with 2 Chainz called “5 Minutes” that will be out on April 15th.


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