Dj Quik To Kanye West– Make Better Music! He’s Just A Kardashian Now

DJ Quik keeps it REAL about Kanye West and his latest album, “The Life of Pablo”.

On the Noah Ayala radio show, Quik calls Kanye out about how weak TLOP was and how fans can spot when a bad product has been put out. He basically says everything I was saying in TLOP=FLOP. Quik, who is promoting his new album, “Rosecrans,” claims he isn’t dissing Kanye Kardashian but he is just speaking the truth.tumblr_nvxamlhy5a1trd7m5o1_400

He goes on to state how Kanye is so scared that he doesn’t know what to do with TLOP and how his celebrity has exceeded his talent. Keeping up with the Kardashians has hurt Kanye’s image and career. I’m glad Quik called him out and kept it all the way 100. I hope Ye takes the criticism positively instead of hopping on Twitter to vent once he hears what Quik said. Any other time I would defend Ye but TLOP wasn’t a good album. I don’t care how many revisions he does to it. If the album wasn’t ready to be put out, he should have held off.shrug


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