Jeremih Needs Love, Too

When we were first introduced to Jeremih, he provided us an anthem about how the best part about celebrating your birthday is the birthday sex.

Some may have written him off as a one hit wonder but the Chicago born artist had other plans. With a hit list featuring “Imma Star”, “Don’t Tell ‘Em,” “Down on Me” and his breakout single, “Birthday Sex”, Jeremih has consistently kept his name on the radio and you probably haven’t realized it.

What I like about Jeremih is that he doesn’t crave the spotlight and let’s it come to him. His latest project, Late Nights, has a lot of hits on it such as “Oui”, “Impatient” and the most popular, “Planes” featuring J. Cole.

The album was released in 2015 but Def Jam wasn’t giving it the attention it deserved until Jeremih voiced concern over the issue.

Despite being slept on and underestimated by his label, Jeremih’s voice and music has appeals to the masses and at the end of the day, the songs will speak for themselves.


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