There’s Something About Azealia Banks…

I realized recently that any artist I genuinely like always turns out to be crazy or tumblr_m7vw0swvo91rastvjo1_500problematic. Probably known more for her Twitter antics rather than her music, Azealia Banks is no different but the talent she possesses can’t be denied.

As a fan (yes, she actually has fans) what caught my attention about Azealia is that she is simply: cunty. She does and says what the fuck she wants, HOWEVER, this admirable trait that I love her for has also put a damper on her career. Today, I won’t be focusing on her behavior like other media sources do but rather her music and why I still want to see her win.

Once upon a time, Banks was the “it girl” . The fashion industry was loving her , Kanye gave her his cosign and she was on the come up to be the next female rapper to look out for. When she dropped 212 she captivated the internet with her quick flow, cheeky lyrics and her ability to mix hip hop, house, R&B and electric sounds together. What wasn’t to love about her 4 track EP, 1991?  It was refreshing to hear a different approach from a female rapper who brought something new to the table.

The influence of Harlem, 80’s and 90’s music and the vogue culture was evident in her physical and vocal styles. Azealia has a way of making you feel like you are THAT bitch with her fast paced rap flow, vivid imagination and her IDGAF attitude with the lyrics to top it off:tumblr_mrozeayvhl1qewf3fo1_500

These bitches know that I be on that black girl shit
That black girl pin-up with that black girl dip
Put that black girl spin up on ya whack girl tip
Ain’t official till it been up in that black girl kit

The girl can flow on any type of beat and make it hot.

The next project she dropped was Fantasea which had numerous hits on there. My personal favorites were Ima Read, Luxury, Fierce and Esta Noche. I enjoyed how she was incorporated different elements of the Harlem lifestyle while paying homage and made you feel nostalgic yet futuristic.

Her diss record to Angel Haze’s “On the Edge” was so epic and is probably one of my top songs from her. The beef between the two of them was hilarious and Azealia showed why she is not the one to mess with.

Broke With Expensive Taste is Azealia’s first album and it did not disappoint. Though it seemed like it took forever for it to come out due to her social media behavior and issues with her label, it was worth the wait. She provided different music genres and had a solid theme to the project. It was pretty impressive and I felt like she deserved more recognition for it but no one paid attention to her talent, only her messy antics.

So what am I getting at here? I’ve always separated an artist’s personal life from their music because I know these artists are not perfect. Despite the mess and ruckus Azealia has done, I do feel like she should be bigger than what she is. Yes, she has issues and maybe she’s a messy bitch who lives for drama but I can’t deny her talent and my appreciation for her. When I see a headline highlighting her troubles, I feel bad because deep down I know she just wants to be the star that she is and be accepted. As much as there are reasons to hate her, there’s also reasons to love her. When she voices her opinions on SOME things, she hits the nail on the head and other time she appears to be off her rocker. I like that she’s vocal and speaks her truth but she needs to learn how to conduct herself better. I can not pity her anymore. Azealia has the “it” factor but she needs to work out her inner demons and stop burning bridges.

She recently put out another mixtapeSlay-Z and dropped a visual for the song The Big Big Beat.

What will the future hold for Banks in the upcoming years?  Once a star on the rise, she has now fallen to nothing more than a joke on Twitter. If she wants to be taken seriously, she needs to get her act together immediately because I would like to see her have longevity in the industry. Hopefully, she can be making press for her music rather than her Twitter tantrums in the long run.



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