SOTD: Knotty Head by Denzel Curry

“Get the product then we out the door.
Mama I’ve been twistin’ weed
And now it’s time to lock the fro, blowin’ dro
Call me knotty head cause I don’t give a fuck”

Ever since I heard this song, it has been stuck in my head. Coming out of Carol City, Denzel Curry is in his own lane with the song of the day “Knotty Head” off his new album, Imperial.


From his HypeTrak interview:

There’s a story element to “Knotty Head,” can you share with us the back story on it.

The inspiration behind “Knotty Head” is it’s a tribute to being a black male and letting it be known to the world even when you characterize or be prejudice of how I look I will still have my pride intact. Everything you say I am, I will take it and run with it so people won’t be ashamed of who or what color they are I will overcome any obstacle no matter the circumstances. Plus being from Miami Florida I seen how people looked with the knotty dreads and we’re mostly of Caribbean decent and I want to show that side of us as well.

Want to know more about Denzel Curry? Stream his album below:


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