Interview: Sexologist Michelle Hope Discusses Sexual Intimacy

Sexologist Michelle Hope interviewed with The Breakfast Club to discuss sexuality, sex ed, health and how to communicate with partners about sex. Her humorous interview is conversational and she definitely is educated in the field. Check out the video and you might learn something new.


“She discusses the importance of foreplay, and not trying to relive what you see in porn. Although many people watch too much porn, the sex you see in porn is not the sex that regular people have.”

Highlights from the interview:
– The expansion of sex education for children and young adults and why it is valuable to be open about the discussion of sex.
– Knowing your status regarding sexual diseases and how you can get results for STD/STIs immediately with new products
– How to tell someone that you don’t want to do something sexually.
– Dives into the fascination of squirting and if all women can do it.
– Discussion on rape culture and how to combat the epidemic


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