Anthem for the Big Fines: Just A Lil Thick by Trinidad James

Trinidad James is back with his latest hit, Just A Lil Thick. Featuring a rap verse from legend, Mystikal and Lil Dicky, James dedicates this song to all the plus sized women around the world.

Trindad James on the concept of the song:
“Every song I heard for the last 3 summers that were ‘per say’ dedicated to the females were always delivered with either “Vixen,” “Bad Bitch,” “Model Chick,” or “Slim Thick” as the canvas. Nothing wrong with that, cause I love those women too, but what about my #CurvyWarriors?! Society has a weird way of showing appreciation for one another. Just let the person on the other side know, somebody got LOVE 4 YOU. Be Big, Be Fine, Be You my Loves.”

You can catch the “All Gold Everything” rapper on his IG, praising JALT women and seeing the responses from fans.



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