Lauryn Hill Apologizes for Being Late

Having a reputation for always being late to concert performances, Lauryn Hill was dragged on Twitter for her tardiness after fans attending an ATL show took to Twitter to vent frustrations.

The show in Atlanta was supposed to start at 8PM but Hill didn’t arrive till 10PM and her set was cut at 11PM due to the venue’s closing time.

Lauryn responded to the criticism on her Facebook, claiming her “energy wasn’t aligned” to arrive on time. Is that the “woke” way of saying you were on CPT?

To make it up to fans, Hill said she has nothing but love and respect for her fans in Atlanta and promised to figure out a way to make it up to them (don’t hold your breath). I understand she blessed us with “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” but Lauryn has been off her rocker for years and has escaped criticism. I don’t know who’s a better scammer, her or Janet Jackson.She had people drinking her Kool Aid off one album and has been playing them ever since. People are attending to hear her sing 20 year old songs and she may or may not show up depending on her “energy alignment”.  Folks will be using her Facebook post as an excuse to not show up for work or to excuse their tardiness all week.



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