Video: T-Pain “Laugh N Dab”

Looks like T-Pain wanted to put out his own version of “D.O.A.” with Laugh N Dab. In the song, Pain mocks the trap trend that is currently the wave in hop hop. “Laugh and dab, laugh and dab. Money long, Cadillac,” T-Pain raps on the hook, as he reminds us who brought back the use of autotune (and uses it correctly) that floods the rap style these days.

In the video, he shows off his Grammys, bench presses money bags and dances in front of an ice cream truck. He’s also rapping with his GRAMMYs on display, leaning on a Cadillac with plenty of women in the room and dancing in front of an ice cream truck.
After releasing a dope Panda remix, “Hundred Mo Dollas,” “Look At Me” and other new music, it’s obvious T-Pain has been in the studio cooking up something. Perhaps we’ll get a mixtape or album this year?



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