Azealia Banks Gets Checked By 14 Year Old, Skai Jackson

One day Azealia Banks would get into it with the wrong person but who knew it would be 14-year-old Disney Channel actress Skai Jackson?

It all started when Azealia accused Zayn for stealing some of her creative concepts for his new video “Like I Would.” Zayn responded by indirectly referencing Azealia’s tweets and she completely lost it and started attacking him with slurs.

As the internet dragged Azealia, Skai Jackson tweeted from her account that “Azealia Banks needs to simmer down”, in which Azealia clapbacked at the 14 year old Disney star.

However, Skai Jackson had time today and promptly read Banks for being immature.

After all the drama, Azealia comes out as the biggest loser and got dropped from a performance gig with Rinse|Born and Bred.


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