Best Songs From FKA Twigs

FKA Twigs has the spotlight on her as she reinvents what it means to be a performer. Combining her background in music, dance and video has gained her popularity among fans and has made her stand out since her debut. As a fan of her work, I compiled a list of her best songs to get you “in the know” about Twigs and her artistry.

1. Off of LP1, Twigs proves why she makes great sex music. This is a song purely about lust, sex and ecstasy delivered with the subtlety and the visual for the song is enchanting.

2. The haunting and breathy track “I’m Your Doll” off FKA Twigs’ 3rd EP M3LL155X is one of my favorites off the EP. Her vocals against the production makes for a sweet, vulnerable and troubling recipe as the submissive song repeatedly states how Twigs wants to be anything and everything for her lover. Art comes to life when FKA portrays herself as a blow up doll for her companion in the video.

3. The Sampha-assisted track provides Twigs with an upbeat energetic production as she repeatedly asks a former lover was she just a “number” to him.

4. The sound of Hide captures you in an hypnotic state as the production mechanically winds you up. The visual for this video was shot in Mexico near Mayan runes.

5. The song that made me fall in love with her: Papi Pacify. This song drips passion, desire, sadness and sex. The British songbird has a way of saying a lot without having to say much. The black and white video compliments the song as FKA Twig stares into the camera as her lover puts his fingers in her mouth and all over her body. It’s simple yet invoking art. The hook is a moan: “Mmm, papi pacify.”


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