Lil Wayne Says Don’t Get It Twisted, It’s Still “Fuck Cash Money”

Source: Complex

It looks like Lil Wayne’s beef with Cash Money might not be as over as we thought after he cursed out the label during a concert in Denver, Colorado on Saturday. In a brief video shot by a fan, Wayne can be heard saying “Fuck the bullshit” and “Fuck Cash Money” at Denver’s 420 Rally and getting the crowd to chant the phrases back at him.

This comes as a bit of a surprise, considering the great lengths Wayne and Birdman have gone through so far in 2016 to bring their label infighting back under wraps. They met up at Drake’s New Year’s Eve party in Miami, reportedly spent several hours on the phone together after that meeting, and even hit the studio in January. Drake and Nicki Minaj were reportedly working behind the scenes to bring peace to the whole ordeal.

Of course, the fragile peace agreement has been living in the shadows of the $51 million lawsuit Wayne filed against Cash Money in January 2015. He refused to drop the suit, even after he seemed to patch things up with Birdman. It’s unclear what caused this apparent rift to open back up, but it’s certainly possible it has something to do with the ongoing legal drama.

It’s not the only lawsuit Wayne is involved in, either. In March, he brought a $40 million lawsuit against Universal Music Group, alleging that the company improperly withheld profits stemming from the success of Drake, Nicki, and Tyga in order to pay back debt Cash Money had accrued. Cash Money only owns 51 percent of Young Money—with the rest being held by Wayne—and as such, Wayne claims that he was entitled to a cut of the cash that was used to pay down Cash Money’s debt.


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