Kodak Black’s Locked Up and They Won’t Let Him Out, Drops “Jewels”

With hit songs like No Flocking and Skrt, Florida rapper Kodak Black is a star on the rise. However, it seems like it’s mo money, mo problems for the artist.

Ordered into court on May 18 and detained for open warrants, Kodak is in jail due to charges from last year regarding armed robbery and false imprisonment. Want to send him some fan mail? You can write him at the address below:

This unexpected arrest may halt some big plans the rapper had for the summer such as his Parental Advisory Tour  with Lil Uzi Vert in two weeks,

On a personal note, the rapper was planning to go to prom in June after missing it last year due to legal troubles.

“You know last year I was detained so I couldn’t attend prom or grad bash,” Kodak said. “Grad bash is like a 12th grade high school thing. It’s crazy ’cause I was a 2015 senior. But this year for 2016, like when I got out, the people at the school told me I could come to grad bash and prom ’cause they remember last year I was on a little vacation.”, he told XXL

Through all the ups and downs, Kodak is still set to drop a new mixtape on June 11 on his birthday. For now, listen to his new song “Jewels” that he released yesterday.

Art reflects reality as Kodak raps about all the people who have ulterior moves and do not want to see him win. One line in particular – “What done happened to him, man/Oh, I heard he got locked up back again” – is ironic to say the least about his current situation.





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