50 Shades of Ciara Appreciation

When Ciara hit the scene, I was such a big fan. I even created an alterego named “Briara”, it was THAT serious. Whenever her Goodies or 1,2 Step video would come on, my mom would shout “Your girl is on” and I would zoom into her room, imitating CiCi’s signature dance moves while singing along.

Who didn’t love this girl when she was introduced by Jazzy Pha as the “princess of Crunk&B”?! Her first album, Goodies was dope, had great tracks and production. Plus, the fact that she could REALLY dance was a breath of fresh air. Can we pay homage to the video “Oh” for a second?

Her sophomore album, Evolution, kept up her momentum with hit songs like Get Up (which was used for Step Up 2), the breathy track Promise and the lowkey diss to ex, Bow Wow anthem, Like A Boy. I remember when those two were dating. Ciara was the only woman I agreed could date Bow Wow, especially when they dropped Like You. I still don’t know how Ciara sang that chorus without running out of breath: IaintnevahhadnobodyshowmeallthethingsthatyoudoneshowedmeinaspecialwayIfeelwhenyouholdme

Despite the shade she may get now, Ciara‘s name deserves some RESPEK on it. She was the IT girl once upon a time.

1325475140_rihanna_ciaraShe has accomplished a lot in her career:

  • 13 Top 40 hits on Billboard
  • 13 Top 10 R&B hits
  • total of 20 singles that have entered the Billboard Hot 100 charts
  • In 2010, she was tied with Beyonce for the most top ten hits by a female artist on the R&B/Hip Hop songs chart.
  • To date, Ciara has sold 23 million records worldwide.

Eight Hot 100 Top Ten Hits

Goodies #1 for eight weeks
1, 2 Step #2
Oh #2
Lose Control #3
Like You #3
Get Up #7
Love Sex Magic #10
So What #10

Let’s flashback to the Ride video that had every dude drooling and every chick trying to step up her riding skills.

Though she tries to venture away from it, that Crunk&B/R&B sound is her lane. She proved that when Future gave her a hit with Body Party

Over the years, I will admit Ciara has lost me musically but she is still out here working and winning. Her latest project, Jackie, found some success with “I Bet“, she has been gaining a lot of endorsements and is adored by the fashion industry. Her engagement to Russell Wilson has everyone considering them “relationship goals” and she seems to be moving forward despite other personal issues.


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