New Music: Pusha T and Jay-Z Team Up for “Drug Dealers Anonymous”

Pusha T and Jay-Z blessed us with Drug Dealers Anonymous from Push’s upcoming album, King Push. Hear the track below.

These two cooked up a dope song. See how it all come together here.

I love how cold this track is, straight hip hop. Reminds me of what he did with Kendrick on Nostalgia

Push delivered like always and had some ki lines

The money count is the only moment of silence cause hush money balances all this drugs and violence

“Hat trick under my mattress
Date I stop still has an asterisk after it
After all I can make a call
I can baptize a brick
As I wash away my sins like a catholic”

“Paid in full like ’86, Gs on my body
The new Gucci has less monograms, God’s got him”


Many were wondering how hard Hov was going to come but he showed why you should never doubt him. Maybe Jay just needed some real competition plus the theme of the song is too cold for him to fail.

The break of Tomi Lahren already told me Jay was about to go in.

“Who deserves the medal of freedom is my accountant
He been hula hooping through loop holes, working around shit
IRS should’ve had the townhouses surrounded”

“I walk though the garage it’s like multiple choices
I told ‘em pull the Royce up
I’m getting ghost, I’m hearing noises”

“I’m a course of miracles with this shit
Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists
Herein lies the piece of God”

image (2)
That “Daaaamn, Daniel” line was flames.


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