Will Rihanna Release An ANTI: Part 2?

Rihanna has been very busy with her ANTI tour, fashion endorsements and more…but does the pop star have another album coming out this year?

The Navy has been watching her closely and have noticed some patterns:

1. Rih has been wearing a lot of green lately

2. The artist who designed the ANTI artwork posted this in February.

4. Inside of ANTI album work, there was a poem that said:

“There are two sides to every dream”
“All you see is not all there is”
3. Green is the opposite of red on the color wheel


Will Rih surprise us with some more songs by the end of the year? When does this woman find time to do all of this? Rih did say that fans would never have to wait for music that long again after the ANTI era.

After finishing off her gig in Jacksonville with a performance of Kiss It Better, Rihanna told her fans: “Thank you so much, Jacksonville. I love you guys, we need to come back here. It won’t be that long EVER again. I PROMISE you. Miss you guys already”.



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