Deray Davis Talks About Having Two Girlfriends

Comedian DeRay Davis has got himself a TV show with his TWO girlfriends called “Living with Funny“.

Davis is one of a few comedians who is featured in the half-hour show that premiered in March. “Cameras will follow the howling tale of what happens when these funnymen drop the mic and come home to their family, friends and significant others. Because when you are a comedian, the jokes don’t stop just because the show does,” Oxygen said in a press release.

He dropped by The Breakfast Club and shared more details about his double life.

Cliff notes:

-He was dating both at the same time and didn’t want to break it off with one so he proposed the idea to them.
-He doesn’t like being called a pimp or a player.
-He said that he opted for being honest rather than having his windows busted.
-He feels like a woman having two boyfriends is different because ”we’re internal, and take things inside of us.
-He said that if gay people can get married, he should be able to marry his two girlfriends.


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