A$AP Rocky: She Want That Pretty Flacko

Known as A$AP Rocky aka Lord Pretty Flacko, Jodye aka that Pretty Mothafucka aka Rakim Mayers, this Harlem cat is one of my favorite rappers among his peers. Besides his dashing rk703looks, Rocky distinguishes himself musically by combining his NY upbringing with Southern influences, his love for fashion, his arrogance/charisma and always striving and prospering.

Though he may be the “face” for the A$AP Mob, the crew has a roster of artistic members such as A$AP Ferg, A$AP Twelvyy, A$AP Ty, A$AP Nast, Jay West and Young Lord. The force behind the entire mob is the late A$AP Yams, the mastermind of it all. His passing was devastating since he helped craft Rocky’s image and sound.

How did your influence help shape Rocky’s sound?
“When I first met him, he sounded like Kid Cudi mixed with Lil Wayne. If I was a rapper, I’d be the illest motherfucker alive, swagging like a motherfucker. So I took all my inspirations that I wanted to see in a rapper and molded it into Rocky. All that shit was premeditated. A year ago [2011], before all that shit happened, I was like Rocky, ‘you gotta listen to that Houston shit, this is the wave.’ He started listening to it and started naturally getting influenced by that shit.”- ASAP Yams

The debut of Purple Swag put Rocky and his friends on the map and was gaining a mass following among the internet through Tumblr. His follow up with Peso kept people asking for more.

Once the mixtape, LiveLongA$AP, which featured more of the A$AP Mob, Schoolboy Q, Spaceghost Purrp, Fat Tony, Chace Infinite and producers like Clams Casino, A$AP Ty Beats, Lyle and The Olympicks, Rocky cemented that he was a star on the rise. Signing with Polo Grounds and getting a $3 million label deal, the mob took off and ended up with tumblr_mkndyzboug1r6dk8qo1_500Drake on the Club Paradise tour. From there, Rocky released his first album Long.Live.A$AP and had a hit with “Fuckin Problems” as a single which featured Drake, Kendrick Lamar and 2 Chainz.

Watching Rocky’s career grow and morph has been interesting to see. From his first mixtape to his sophomore project, A.L.L.A., you can hear how he has matured yet
still managed to stick to who he is. His music may not be for everybody but I can’t help but love his double rhyme scheme, flow switches, braggadocio lyrics and honesty. These elements have made his signature plus his ear for trill beats and knowing how to ride them. His lyricism isn’t full of puns/metaphors but it still reflects his persona and style. He knows hip hop and is always paying homage to his influences.

He has had some ups and downs in his personal life and with fame so he has been kind of elusive in the spotlight in a way but he is still making moves. He is on tour with Tyler the Creator so you can only imagine how crazy these two are together.

The A$AP Mob has been putting out music through WavyWednesdays and are set to release their project Cozy Boys Tape Vol. 1 in honor of A$AP Yams.

Besides music, Rocky has been investing in business ventures he is passionate about such as fashion, producing, directing and being a businessman. He even showed off his acting skills in “Dope“. The fashion industry loves him and he has recently become the face for Dior Homme. Among becoming a fashion icon, Rocky has started his own creative group called AWGE and when you check his Instagram you can see the type of artistic expression the group has been doing with the platform.

Some interviews starring Pretty Flacko:


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  1. Lawd, his fine ass lol
    BTW I love your site. I stumbled upon it by chance and I love everything I am seeing! Looking forward to reading more!


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