SOTD: Girlfriend by Kap G

Off his mixtape, El Southside, Kap G has got this song stuck in my head. Still riding the trap sound that is dominating hip hop, he nonchalantly raps about how your girl can’t get enough of him even though he doesn’t want her (but he’ll hit it anyway).

Fun fact: he had a cameo in the movie “Dope”.
kap-g-e1434373777904Via Billboard

Landing the Dope cameo
: “KP is good friends with Pharrell, who was looking for someone to play the Fidel character. Pharrell told the film’s writer/director Rick Famuyiwa about me. I auditioned and they liked it. It was crazy — my first acting gig. I was a bit nervous on set because there was a bunch of people in the room when I was shooting, including [Dope stars] Chanel Iman and Quincy Brown. I scratched everyone out of my mind and went hard. Everybody says I did great.”


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