Is Jessica White Singing About Trey Songz On “Bipolar Love”?

Jessica White is taking a break from catwalks and trying her hand in music. It’s also the beauty’s birthday today.

Going by the name Jypsy, the Victoria’s Secret model debuted her first song, “Bipolar Love“, which she wrote and produced herself. The single tells a story of a tumultuous relationship that she can’t help but want to fight for.

Did you know you’re my bipolar love? You’re just enough. You’re just enough” she sings.

She recently did an interview with Essence revealing past lovers and admitted that Trey Songz was her first love. “He’s the only man that actually knows the real me,” Jessica said, “He brought me closer to God, loving him and his mother that helped me get closer to my mother. And, he loves his family, he’s nothing like the world thinks he is, he’s got the kindest heart I’ve ever encountered in my life. He’s an amazing guy and I’m proud of that one.” She was his leading lady in his Neighbors Know My Name video which was hot and steamy.

Hmm, could the track be about him?

“Bipolar Love” is Jypsy’s first single, with more to come. Listen below:


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