Ian Connor vs. A$AP Bari And Theophilus London

Things got a little ugly yesterday when videos emerged of fashion stylist and Tumblr sensation Ian Connor sucker-punching rapper Theophilus London in a Paris store. The fight then continued outside with A$AP Bari.

The ruckus didn’t stop there as the men took to Twitter, calling Ian a dirty “rapist” who tried to hide evidence of a rape incident under London’s sink. London also claimed he knew “a girl u did wrong,” and London and Bari said that they were going to fight Connor every time they come across him in public in the future.

In response to the slander, Ian tweeted “I Surpassed Niggas Careers That I Thought Were Fucking With Me From The Bottom Of Their Hearts but Instead Just Wanna Take From Me.” He explains that he had “devoted his whole life to Bari” before tBari got jealous . “Even When He Hated I Still Fed That N*gga,” tweeted Connor. He also shared a screenshot of a text conversation between him and Bari that supposedly provides proof that the two of them had planned to run train on a certain “porn bitch.”  Connor  hit London back with some serious allegations of his own, revealing that he has “physical proof” that the Chicago rapper has done heroin and that he’s a “whole child molester.” “I’mma Kill You Off With Facts As Opposed To Allegations,” he wrote after making the horrific accusations.

Personally, I am disgusted with everyone involved. Now that there is beef with Ian, everyone wants to spill tea about multiple rape crimes, child molestation and more?! It was all good as long as yall were “cool” but now everyone wants to call Ian out for the monster he is? Everyone in association are guilty as hell and may possibly be incriminating themselves. And if what Ian is saying is true regarding London, he deserves to be in prison just as much as Ian.


Ian Connor has been accused by at least seven women of rape and no one spoke about his behavior. The first accusation hit the internet back in April, with a young woman named Malika Anderson penning a disturbing blog post titled, “Ian Connor Is a Rapist, and I Know Firsthand, detailing her assault from Connor and how the police were not much help. Another woman spoke out, artist Jean Deaux titled “For Malika,” where she claimed that Connor raped her as well. More victims have came out and spoke about Ian but he has never been charged.

With his affiliations to Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa, ASAP Mob and Drake, no one has said much regarding the recent allegations against Connor which makes me wonder where they stand with him and what they knew about this guy.

 Though Yams is gone, it’s crazy how his tweets are still relevant to this day



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