Kelly Rowland’s Group, June’s Diary Debuts New Song

Kelly Rowland’s new girl group, June’s Diary, debuted a new song called “L.A.N.C.E.” The title stands for “Lyin’ Ass Nigga Cheating Everyday” and June’s Diary reminds that we should always strive for better in a companion.  The group released a teaser track “All of Us,” earlier this month.

I’m not sure how far this group is going to go because they seem to be on the decline already. The group name is kinda lame and this song is generic and corny. Hopefully, it’s just a warm up for something better in the works as they try to find the perfect image for the ladies. Girl groups are a rarity these days and June’s Diary seemed like it could be promising after watching Chasing Destiny but now…I’m not so sure. However, there’s still room for improvement and hopefully Kelly will get them in the right direction soon.


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