Get to Know Chynna Rogers

Affiliated with the ASAP Mob and sometimes called the “First Lady” of the crew, Chynna may be the female rapper you’ve been looking for. She piqued my interest with her dope flow, tats, style and how she clearly has a lot on her chest. In her bio on Twitter, she is a proud Harry Potter fan and houses herself in Gryffindor so I already like her. On her Instagram, she quotes Kodak Black in her header “u my dog, so just be my dog and dont u change on me” and now I think I’m in love.

You can peep more of her music on her Soundcloud.

Her interview with Refinery29 provides more insight on the rapper:

The Zenned-out Philadelphia beauty is more than a pretty face — though that pretty face is also a Ford Model — Rogers is a pretty incredible rapper and DJ, too. Her father’s love of old-school hip-hop and her mother’s favourite neo-soul vibes are just a few of the influences you’ll find in Rogers’ tracks.


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