Don’t Miss “Vive Block Party” in Miami This Year, Art Submissions Date Revealed

Vive Block Party is back again this year for 2016! August 1, aspiring artists and visual creators can submit their work to be showcased at the Miami Art Basel event. In case you missed it last year, here’s a recap:

Marly Christalon’s annual Vive Block Party was nothing short of amazing on the last day of Art Basel Miami. From live tattoos and poetry during the showcase to our performing artists and visual creators hypnotizing the audience with their craft, #Vive2k15 was something not only for the community but for the books.” Vive Block Party has highlighted up and coming artists such as Denzel Curry (who now graces the cover of XXL’s Freshmen Class of 2016), Brisco, OG Maco, The Step Sisters and more on its platform.

The event is always a dope time. Vive Block Party allows you to experience the  true essence of the underground scene of Miami and you get to meet and network with artists from all over. Last year, was a melting pot of rappers, singers, photographers, poets, tattoo artists and more.


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