Joe Budden Exposes Drake With New Diss “The Wake”

Joe Budden is still trying to get Drake to react to his disses that he has been sending to the 6 God. So far he has only managed to get a response from Meek Mill who Budden took shots at in his previous diss track.

Yesterday, Budden went on Instagram to tell Meek Mill to stay out of his beef with Drake, and threw shade at the Dreamchasers by telling him to “sit back & watch a real MC do what you couldn’t.”

The beef between the Drake and Joe Budden began in May, when Budden gave a nondicking riding critique of VIEWS on his “I’ll Name This Podcast Later” podcast, saying Drake sounded “real fuckin’ uninspired” (he wasn’t lying was he?) A week later, French Montana shared a clip of a new Drake collaboration and on the track you can hear Drake say “Pump, pump, pump it up”–a likely shot to Budden’s most known for  hit.

After dropping  Making a Murderer, Joe drops The Wake. I wasn’t paying much attention to this apparent one sided beef (since Drake probably won’t feed into Joe’s tactics directly) but I can’t act like Joe didn’t snatch Drizzy’s wig on this one.

Some lines that gave me a good laugh:

Shit, I waited 5 days niggas where y’all at?
For real, I’m calling Stunna
Cause all Summer 16, ain’t heard a hot 16 ’bout all Summer”

I heard it straight from the ‘Bama’s mouth, he won’t pull a hammer out
Wasn’t you at Hov’s show scared to pull the camera out?

So I take all the guns, load half the clips
I just notice you run, we mention half of Clipse

I wanna know myself
How you tell bitches know they self
When you don’t even know yourself?
You wouldn’t know yourself

Say he Canadian, maybe Asian, Croatian
Be sounding like his Jamaican friends, depend on what state he in


Gucci wasn’t home two seconds before you rode his dick
Bodied Versace flows, copy, that he stole
draketwAy dios mio, sorry Migos, adios amigo
Was that your plot all along?
Why you ain’t do that vid with Fetty but you hopped on the song?
No really, we want a Party album
But you keep stealing all of Party’s album
To go and put it on your party album

As truthful and funny as Budden’s diss was at exposing Drake, I’m sure Drizzy will not give Joe the time of day. We know Budden can REALLY rap but people will only see him as the nigga who made “Pump It Up” who has resided to making podcasts and being a Twitter nigga. Drake will probably be messy in a lowkey way and bring up that he used to mess with one of Joe’s exes (word up to Tahiry) and respond subliminally in a song saying how he doesn’t respond to washed up rappers.

I’m not sure if anyone will truly be able to dethrone Drake for the con artist he is. As for now, I’ll enjoy the track Joe provided and watch how Drake fans turn their usual blind eye from it. It’s your move, Drake.



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