Breakfast Club Interview 2016: ASAP Rocky Clears Up Anti Black Lives Matter Comments

As much as I love Rocky, he always puts his foot in his mouth. He has said a lot of ignorant things in the past that I try to overlook but its become a pattern. After getting flack for his recent comments regarding police brutality against black Americans, he went on The Breakfast Club to “clear the air” but he ended up talking in circles. Damn it Rakim Mayers, why are you making it hard for me to love you?!


Says his words were taken out of context. (No Rocky, you said what you said)

He doesn’t want to be political but strives to make positive music

He thinks he was misquoted but that he also misspoke (in regards to the interview.)

Uses the black on black crime excuse in regards to black lives matter. Wants to know why all lives can’t matter.

Says he didn’t say he doesn’t care about Ferguson because he’s in Beverly Hills. Says he meant that he doesn’t wanna speak on something when he wasn’t there.

Says he doesn’t see color.


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