SOTD: Chill Bill by Rob $tone ft: Spooks, J. Davis

“Chill Bill,” a sort of happy accident, arose from the stoned musings of an aspiring rapper who’d realized at a young age that the world of regular responsibility held little for him. The video opens with an eerie whistle sample from $tone’s favorite movie Kill Bill that continues throughout underneath a steady hi-hat beat.

Find out more about Rob $tone from his interview with Pigeons and Planes.

Excerpt about the creation of the song:

“One morning Spooks, J.Davi$, Thommed Cruz & I had a run-in with the police, but were let go,” says $tone of the song’s origins. “After that we went to Spooks’ house & J.Davi$ put on the beat he found. I was feeling that shit & we all started writing. Payed for a few hours in the studio & went & knocked it out. I guess you can hear the relief of being let go in my lyrics.”


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