Rating: 🔥🔥🔥

High Hopes: I find the title of this track funny and foreshadowing of P3 since it’s the intro. I had high hopes that it could be good but with PARTYNEXTDOOR, it’s always a hit or miss (with me). The production on High Hopes is hot, point blank period. I love the dark, eerie tone it has to it and the beat helped tune out some of PARTY’s strained vocals on a couple notes. This track is way too long to tolerate those awful notes he tries to make work. He’s singing about his usual: fucking bitches (Born and raised, I need bitches and my bitch need a big dick) and being in his feelings  (does he tell you you’re the best? I like the way you work it, no diggity, but don’t you back it up (back it up) Taking trips down down memory lane) and I can understand if you’re like “um…what the hell”. Worst intro of the year.

Don’t Run: This song is much better. PARTY wants to be in a relationship with some chick  but she’s playing games. He drops a few “tings” on the chorus, adding the Caribbean Toronto slang ting he created with “Work”. If you see a pic captioned “You’s a vegan but you going ham”, it came from this song.

Nobody: Sampling  “The Need to Know” by Wale and SZA from “The Album About Nothing”, this song is smooth as hell and will probably be a favorite of mine. As PARTY sings “Lets get back to the love making. Lets get back to the legs shaking”, I feel like my dawg really wants shorty back just because of this line “You fuck me I say “Jesus”.  The sex is so good, she got him calling the Lord. No wonder he wants nobody but her.

Not Nice: This song is fire. Nuff said.

Only U
: Ooo, this is a hot island tune. It’s slower than Not Nice but keeps up the dance feel. I can envision being in a hot Jamaican club whining up to this in a corner. Another favorite.


Don’t Know How: “No girl you’re not sick, it’s all in your stomach. Yeah, yeah, we fuckin’, let me get deeper now. Deeper than details now” This track starts off explicit so of course it’s going to be good. “Girl you best know how to fuck baby and to make love, the way you look”. The vocals from Maajid Jordan doesn’t hurt either.

Problems & Selfless: Broken up into two parts: “Problems” and “Selfless”. In “Problems”, PARTY relishes on the fact that he has two women arguing over him and hopes his son has the same pleasure.”Two beautiful women arguing over me. Oh, I hope my son has these problems”. His fuckboy behavior continues on in “Selfless” as he points out selfish and selfless acts he has done or has experienced. The production is okay on this one but the lyrics and concept are kinda deep. You would kill yourself, O.D. and blame it on love. You would do it on yourself, they can blame it on us and I stay quiet for ya, selfless

Temptations: Okay, I’m guessing this is where the album starts to take a nosedive slightly. Kinda sounds like a filler track but it has a nice tempo.

Spiteful: PARTY tells an old flame not to be spiteful because she’s in a relationship and sees he has moved on. The gem on this track is really the instrumental because the guitar riff is so beautiful.

Joy: Things lighten up on this. It’s literally short and sweet. The tone of it just has a happiness to it in a PARTYNEXTDOOR type of way.

You’ve Been Missed: PARTY’s lonely and horny and when he sees you he is going to show you how much you’ve been missed. I ain’t mad at it, it’s typical PARTY.

Transparency: This track is sexy. It’s basically revolves around drugs, love and sex. She only loves him when he’s got the drugs. The beat switch on this track is clean as hell.

Brown Skin: I like this track because of the layering of instrumentals on the production. It goes from simple to complex then back to simple again. Vocally, I’m not crazy about it.

1942: Perfect song to be the soundtrack of a lustful drunken night especially when you’re off that tequila.

Come and See Me: I think we can all agree that this is a good “put you in your feelings” track.

Nothing Easy to Please: Not a bad way to close off the album. It’s soothing, sensual and calming.

I’m surprised how much I was feeling P3. PARTYNEXTDOOR had some solid songs on this project and found ways to keep my attention even though he is vocally challenged. I’ll definitely be adding a few of these tracks to my “late night” playlist. You’re not going to love every track on here but it’s a decent R&B album to have on rotation. What saves it the most is the great production but PARTY had some heat in there.

Listen to P3 on Spotify or Apple Music.


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