Review: “Blonde” and “Endless” by Frank Ocean

Rating: 🔥🔥🔥🔥

I know my review my be a little late but I decided to take a page out of Frank Ocean‘s book and do it when I felt like it. So Frank finally decided to make his appearance on a random Friday night on August 19 when the full moon was in Aquarius. Coincidence?tumblr_static_tumblr_static__640
I think not. What a calculated petty Scorpio he is. Presented with a visual album called Endless, Frank Ocean fans all around rushed to watch him build a spiraling staircase on his website as the album played as the soundtrack.

My favorites from Endless: Rushes, Wither, In Here Somewhere, Deathwish, Slide On Me

The flow of this project is smooth and gives a general scope of Frank’s music. As you watch Frank build the staircase, you suddenly stop focusing on him because you realize whatever he is building is going to take some time and he’s not going to speed up any time soon. Endless demands you let the music takeover and erase any expectations. It’s like foreplay before we get to the REAL meal: Blond. Endless is its own story.

The cover art for Blond fits it perfectly because it provides no answers, just questions. You question why Frank’s hair is green when the album is called “Blond”. He could be crying or is he just wiping the water from his face? Either way you can’t tell with his hand covering his face. It is sure to turn you into an emotional wreck if it catches you in a bad moment in your life. The album takes you on a journey of self-reflection, sex, drugs, pain, love and ugly truths. It’s honest.

The first track to open the album is “Nikes”. I will admit, it was a shaky song to me until I saw the video for it. Now, I love it and think it summarizes the gist of Blond well. There’s honestly no song on this album that I don’t like. I feel like each one is an important key and there’s something for everyone. If you’re a classic Ocean fan, then songs like Pink +White, White Ferrari and Ivy are for you. When life hasn’t been treating you well and you find yourself questioning your existence songs like Self Control, Nights, Be Yourself and Solo are for you. When you want to heal cause you’re tired of the pain, listen to Godspeed, Futura Free and Siegfried.

Favorites from Blond: Nikes, Be Yourself, Nights, Good Guy, Self Control, Pink + White, Solo, Solo (Reprise)

Frank’s growth as an artist is what captivates me the most about both projects. The layering of sounds on the production plus the complexity of its arrangements leaves me blown away. Frank’s ability to convey his feelings into words has taken itself to another level and only compliments the instrumentals. The time he has taken to just experience life shows in his art. Blond represents life, living and not wanting to live.  Blond is like a delicious cupcake with vanilla icing and sprinkles on top but when you bite into it, it tastes good yet sad and you can’t stop eating it. It’s depression in music form.

All this time I thought Frank was out, living his life and having fun when he’s really still as sad and miserable as he left us. He’s still figuring shit out. Just like me. Just like you. He’s experimenting with life and some things have worked out but most haven’t. If SremmLife 2 was the party version of ending the summer, Frank Ocean’s Blond is what you play literally on the last day of summer and reflect on all the ups and downs you went through. You think about all those drugs you did, the times you felt free, the one night stands and the one person who truly broke your heart this summer. The highs and lows. The reality of it all.


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