Review: Young Thug “No, My Name Is Jeffrey”

Rating: 🔥🔥🔥🔥

After Young Thug revealed the cover art for “No, My Name Is Jeffrey”, I had to check out the project. Is he Young Thug or  Jeffrey? Whoever he is, he sure knows how to keep the people talking.

Now available on iTunes and Spotify, Young Thug gifts us with 10 tracks on the follow up to Slime Season 3, featuring guest appearances from Travis Scott, Offset, Gucci Mane, Quavo, Young Scooter, and more. Thugga or Jeffrey shows off his versatility as he names each track after one of his idols such as Wyclef Jean, Floyd Mayweather, Swizz Beatz, RiRi, Guwop, and even “Harambe,” the gorilla who was shot at a Cincinnati zoo earlier in the year.

Favorite songs:

The island vibe that hip hop has been on this year continues with “Wyclef Jean” opening the mixtape. You can’t help but be put into a tropical mood as Jeffrey raps about his money being longer than a Nascar race.

An ode to Rihanna, “Riri” doesn’t disappoint as Jeffrey serenades a lover on the track. Love her vibe, love her vibe, she make me feel so nice. She 100, the first day we met, she let me fuck all night, raps Thugga and even alludes to Rih’s hit song “Work” on the chorus. Ah-ah-ah, work, do the work baby do the work. Tonight baby do the work baby do the work

The production and flow on “Harambe” will make you go  in “ape shit nigga, Godzilla, nigga, act up” mode

Future Swag” had to be an instant turn up song because you know Future always got the hits on deck. Thugger doesn’t disappoint as he instantly gets you hype in the first verse as he talks abbout all the things he wants to do to your baby mama. The lyrics Lil mama she wet like a boat, a boat is sure to get stuck in your head.

“No, My Name Is Jeffrey” is definitely music to have on your playlist. Thugga delivers his usual unorthodox flows completed with solid production. This mixtape may be his most polished and uniformed material in his collection. The project is short and sweet and gives you just what you needed from Young Thug.


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