Review: Travis Scott “Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight”

Rating: 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Instant Favorites:
 through the late night, sdp, sweet sweet, outside, first take, goosebumps

the ends: Andre 3000 has blessed us with another feature this year?! He is too kind but he definitely gets nasty on this track with Travis referencing the Atlanta child murders.

coordinate: “Coordinate the tan with the beans in my Rockstar skinnies/ I’mma need some more, need some more, if I really wanna feel it” this is the song you play when you’re getting ready to go out and pre-game.

through the late night: This track gives me that “Day n Nite” vibe and with a feature from Cudi, not only do we get some amazing humming from him but he also graces us with a verse. Travis takes a seat back and let’s Cudder do his thing. I think this is an instant favorite for me.

beibs in the trap: Canadian rapper/producer Nav pretty much dominates the verses about coke and lean while Travis assists with background vocals. If you’re waiting for Justin Bieber to show up, he doesn’t.

sdpVery psychedelic song and I like the touch Cassie’s vocals added. Smoke some, drink some, pop one.

sweet sweet: I think we all know a chick who is so sweet but she’s trouble. Might be another favorite off the album. I like how Travis infuses a lighter beat but still keeps it a little grungy.

Cause you’re sweet like cocoa
But all you wanna do is the coco
Hangin’ out with you is a no go
Yeah, yeah, straight up
Cause you’re sweet (sweet, sweet) like cocoa

outside: I liked this track immediately. Travis comes back to the spotlight instead of obscuring his voice and the flow is nice. 21 Savage elevates the track even more with his verse. This track is gonna sound so good when you’re riding in your whip with the volume high. afaada7315001aab33320d08eda9f7a3-360x182x78
goosebumps: I thought this song would be creepier but it turns out it’s a love song. a1819d06f8600b92dcfd9af0c0b8c107-480x188x20As Travis raps about how he gets goosebumps every time this woman comes around, Kendrick takes the track further (of course) with his dope verse. “Put the pussy on a pedestal
Put the pussy on a high horse
That pussy to die for
That pussy to die for
Peter, piper, picked a peppers
I could pick your brain and put your heart together
We depart the shady parts and party hard, the diamonds yours
The coupe forever

first takeWoooow, where did Travis find Bryson Tiller from AND who knew a collab between the two artists could sound so good? Travis takes a break from his usual trap grunge sound and adds a little more R&B to the mix. This is literally “trapsoul”.

Pick Up the Phone: With a track with Young Thug and Quavo, you know it’s gonna be a hit. I love the combination of trap with tropical vibes.

c2c0e05401c7a78274a59c210ebeee96-356x200x40lose: As Travis’ stardom rises, he realizes that he has…well…a lot to lose when it comes to fame. Now, he’s steady with the crew and his girl doesn’t like it because he makes no time for her. Cassie lends her vocals for this track, assisting Travis’ voice along the chorus.

guidance: A remix of K. Forest’s “Guidance”, Travis adds his own touch to the Caribbean flavored beat by speeding things up and improving the drums.

wonderful: Work it like a stripper, yeah but you not a stripper, yeah. How can you not like this song? From the contagious production to the vocals from The Weeknd, this track is definitely a celebration of the good life and a nice way to close the album.

Overall, Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight is a solid Travis Scott album. The album has a little a bit of everything for you: trap beats, party/turn up songs and even some rockstar love ballads. I definitely sense the growth of him as an artist. He found a way to stick to his strengths of great production while not being too predictable or boring with his signature sound. Some of the features carry the songs while Travis hides in the shadows with a few vocals here and there but it was necessary. My only question is: where is the Brian McKnight sample/feature?! Despite that minor disappoint, Travis did a good job with his sophomore album and it is different from Rodeo. He’s not the best rapper but he has his moments on the album. I like that he knows when to display himself and when to fall back as a rapper and tap back into being a producer. When you’re about to go out with your friends or do some illegal substances, I can definitely see this album being on rotation for you to have a good time.


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