Kid Cudi, Kanye West & Drake Beef

Kid Cudi took to Twitter to get some things off his chest.

He even called out Kanye and Drake for not writing their own songs (but who doesn’t know this by now?).

As a Ye fan, I accepted a long time ago that Kanye doesn’t write or come up with the ideas for ALL his shit. Shout out to Big Sean, Rhymefest, Consequence, Travis Scott, Cyhi and many more for keeping this man afloat. With Cudi’s influence on 808s &  Heartbreak and his back up vocals, he has played a major role in some of Ye’s best songs. Once again, Drake’s name is being brought up. He can’t even be happily in love with Rihanna without people coming for his neck 😂.

In response: Kanye addressed the allegations during his “The Life of Pablo” tour, telling Cudi to never mention his name again and that he “made” Mr. Rager. Ye, how can you do Cudi like that?

Yall are supposed to be brothers!  Watch the video below:

I feel bad for Kid Cudi because ever since he stopped doing drugs  (as bad as it sounds), he just hasn’t been the same. He’s depressed and wants attention. Nothing he said was a lie though because Ye did jock a lot from Cudi.

However, this isn’t a good look to have Twitter fingers (look at Meek Mill). I wonder if Drake will respond? (UPDATE: Drake responds by being corny)

Soon hip hop is going to have to decide if it even cares about who’s real or fake. Does writing your raps matter anymore in this era of music?

Kid Cudi needs to remember that he’s unfuckwittable.


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