Review: “Her” by SiR

SiR comes back serving us R&B on a platter while we wonder who is the mystery woman who inspired his latest project, Her. Just off the first track, SiR wins my heart as he croons about driving with a chocolate thang in “Cadillac Dreams”.

When I close my eyes, you’re by my side. With the chocolate skin, the dark hair and those brown eyes, I see you in my Cadillac dreams.

Say “Cadillac” three times in the mirror and expect Big KRIT to make an appearance. No one knows how to personify a Cadillac to a woman like Big KRIT as he raps alongside SiR on the track.

On “Queen” and “Go There”, SiR sings about how enchanted he is about this woman who marches to her own beat and doesn’t let anything hold her back.

In an interview with Complex, SiR said, “‘All In My Head’ is about wanting what you can’t have and acting on feelings. It’s about not being afraid to be honest. I wrote this song to alleviate the stress of it all”. This might be my favorite off the project.

Released earlier in the year, “Tricky” describes how love is a dangerous and addictive thing. SiR’s voice feels like honey as it layers onto the production.

“Her” is a dope project and SiR did not disappoint. If you’re looking for some good classic R&B, I definitely recommend giving the album a listen.


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