SOTD: “Spice Girl” by Justin Rose

“Oh you a spice girl? The only type I like girl”

Off his project Water White, Justin Rose provided nothing but “wavy songs and production. All different vibes, but back to back jams.” as promised. Showcasing the waviness of New York outside of the traditional way, Rose provides a mixtape that shows his city’s music in a different light.

“I wanted Water White to sound like summer nights in NY, which are for the most part pretty fuckin lit. Also, Water White is shows people that I’m different from the “typical” New York rapper or sound and that I can’t be put in any one box,” the NY native says. “With me and babyxwater handling the production, our only goal was to make the waviest mixtape we could put together. To really give people an idea of what it sounds like to be wavy outside of just Max B, or Chinx or French. New York is the wavy city, so if anything I wanted to shed light to a genre of music that my city has been holding down. This is my take on wavy music.”

If you decide to give Water White a listen, check out “IDKY”, “Speedy Gonzalez”, and “She Movin”.

Listen to Water White by Justin Rose #np on #SoundCloud



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