Listen: Royal T “Nights in the 7” EP

“This ain’t my daddy’s jazz anymore”

Switch up your cuffing season playlist with Nights in the 7, a sensual six track trapjazz EP from Royal-T (the artist formerly known as “Thurst”). After listening to The Saxtape a few years back, I really enjoyed the song covers and how powerful and seducing the saxophone could be. Now in 2016,  Thurst has made a few changes in his music career by taking on an alter-ego he calls “Royal-T”,  embracing the trap sound and infusing it with jazz along with stepping into the booth and showcasing his own vocal talents.

As Royal-T experiments with reinventing his jazz sound, Nights in the 7 is elevated by the trap production he adds to the EP. He hasn’t lost his touch of captivating his listeners with his sax and getting you into the groove. The only area the EP loses points is the lyrics, where I feel Royal-T needs a little more work on finding his “own” identity on some tracks as he steps from behind the sax and adds his own vocal flavor.

However, it’s a minor issue off the project because with songs like “Do Not Disturb” (I don’t know why but he gives me R. Kelly vibes on this one), “Make ‘Em Say” (I like the twist he put on the Master P classic) and “Certified”, I like the direction and risks Royal-T takes to advance his passion. As this artist continues to grow, I can see he is closer to finding the formula that perfectly reflects who he is by erasing the stereotype people have of “traditional” jazz  and showcasing how it can blend with the modern sounds of today. Nights in the 7 is sure to get you in the mood with your lover as Royal-T let’s the sax speak for itself.

Buy or stream the project on Spotify, iTunes or Tidal.



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