LISTEN: Ari Lennox “PHO”

“Won’t you hit it how I like? Would you hit it in the back seat of my ride
And I know it’s risky baby but I want it in the backseat of my hmmm”

First lady of Dreamville, Ari Lennox is making waves with her 7 track EP, Pho.

What I love about her voice is that she provides her version of unique soul while her lyrics aren’t afraid to shatter out of the female norm. The way she plays with the pronunciation of words and vocal arrangements reminds me of Erykah Badu and Chrisette Michelle but her lyrics are as bold as Jill Scott, however she is her own woman. She has a unique appeal that isn’t mainstream in the industry right now and I’d love to hear more from her.

“Sometimes women are put in this box where we’re only supposed to talk about certain things,” the 25-year-old singer-songwriter shares in a press release. “I want to be braver and riskier. I think people want to hear that kind of honesty and frankness.”

In her lead single, Backseat, she sings about wanting to make love in her car as fellow labelmate Cozz assists with a verse on the track that holds no objections to the idea. “You ain’t gotta ask me what the plan be. The condom plan A, without one, plan B“. Cold Outside has the songstress crooning for some late night lovin’ and she doesn’t care if you got a girl cause WHAT’S THAT GOT TA DO WITH HER? WARNING: Don’t let this song get ya caught up this cuffin season. I love how scandalous Ari is and she’s not afraid to let ya know. GOAT 🐐 and Night Drive provide that laidback and in love feel as Lennox can’t help but boast about how captivated she is by a lover.

Want more of Ari Lennox? Check out her previous project Ariography.


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