2 Chainz ” Hibachi for Lunch” Review

Rating: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

“Ask and you shall receive”. I tweeted about wanting some new music a few days ago and last night everyone wanted to drop something.

Young Jeezy, K Camp, 2 Chainz and Meek Mill released some projects and I felt completely overwhelmed. So overwhelmed, I almost overlooked the glory of Hibachi for Lunch. For some reason I felt pressured to listen to everything at the same time then I asked myself “what am I doing?” and went to sleep. I’ll give a review for the other two later this week but let’s have hibachu for lunch.

WHY DID 2 CHAINZ SNAP ON THIS SHIT?! The production is hot and his flows and lyricism have gone to another level. He starts off with  Countin saying “I got to eat me a rapper today”. Halloween is right around the corner and 2 Chainz got me SHOOK.
I gotta give him his props, he has been consistent all year and people don’t give him enough props. He released Felt Like Cappin,  ColleGrove with Wayne and Daniel Son; Necklace Don and they were all heat. I love you, 2 Chainz and peep game. Okay, after I recovered from the first track, he hits me with Diamonds Talkin’ Back. I don’t even have any diamonds but I need to get some ASAP. 2 Chainz’s way of using alliteration, rhyme schemes, assonance and onomatopoeia brings tears to my eyes.

Diamonds on me shining when you see ’em, boom bing
Diamonds on me shining when it’s DM, boom bing bing
Diamonds on me dancing like it’s Breezy over Eazy
I can buy a hundred easy, I just got a call from Jeezy
I count money til I’m sleepy, ink on my body, graffiti


Then “2 Chainz, a lot of Z’s ’cause you niggas sleep” and “I am so hot she told me come down. I’m like HOW, sip a loud, gun go pow? Mr. Chow, bling bling blow, bitches bow. Bitches bi, they liking girls and guys. Ill advised, got the Rollie, one-two rise.”


Do I need to continue?

How does Tity Kruger expect me to make it to the 7th track if he won’t stop killing me?! He is a kind man however because he allows us to regain our strength with a sip of Good Drank with Gucci and Quavo before he slaughters us again. 2 Chainz gives us a lullaby for ya lady to put her to sleep on Lil Baby. He got the man with the voice of an angel, Ty Dolla $ign, to grace the chorus saying “lil baby, lil baby” and I am getting sleepy but in a good way. “Ty Dolla go on and sing on it“.

He brings us out of the trance on Day Party and tells us we gonna leave work because his party is going to be that lit. Who’s gonna pay my bills though when they fire me 2 Chainz? Doors Open is as hot and #STUNTGANG as you expected with a feature from Future. This man said he’d fuck your girl with the doors open. With the news he has been in lately with Scottie Pippen’s wife,  I bet he would.

On the last track, Here We Go Again, 2 Chainz provides us with a thug’s cry. “Here we go again. I drink a four again, not going po again. Young nigga supposed to win”. Only the real will appreciate this one. And like any real nigga, he subtlety tell us what he wants for Chrismas “still got Riri on my wishlist”.

Hibachi for Lunch chopped it up with a song for everybody. You in the mood to stunt? 2 Chainz got you. You wanna be romantic with ya bae? 2 Chainz got Ty Dolla for ya. You need motivation? You know the answer. He is not playing with yall.

Download it here.


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