Review: Meek Mill “Dreamchasers 4”

Rating: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Giving his Twitter fingers a rest, Meek Mill finally dropped DC4.

On the Regular: Hard intro as Meek reminds folks that he ain’t regular like us #brokeboiz.

Blessed Up: Praises to the most high. Pastor Meek gives his sermon and the church says “Amen”. He started from the bottom and when he raps from that place he shines the best. The song cools down at the end from all that heat he was spittin.1124852_o
: I came in thinking this track would be corny/wack cause I hate the word “lit” but I WAS MISTAKEN. With Tory Lanez, this collaboration will definitely be hittin’ in the club when you and ya squad get…lit. Word to DJ Khaled and all the things “they” don’t want you to see or be, Meek and Lanez say “fuck’em”. The pettiness Litty oozes just makes it that much greater. “When bitches start lying on my dick. Lie on that pussy like I hit. Can’t even be a side, side bitch
Shine: Meek spittin more gospel. “It’s no roof so they can see me shine”, “Drop top even with a price on my head”. With a graceful beat, Meek still holds nothing back as he gives us the Meek we love, the nigga who is grateful to make it and provides you with music that helps get ya motivated. Who’s ready to be rich?

Froze: This track is cool. The icy beat captivates me the most. Nick hops on the album to support her boo alongside Lil Uzi Vert. Definitely has the potential to be a banger.

The Difference: Instant turn up song. Meek Mill loves to stunt and shit on niggas and this track embodies that. Plus with a verse from Quavo, it goes to another level. I think Desiigner is on this track as well doing his signature adlibs.
Lights Out: “Young nigga, putting lobster in the Oodles of Noodles”  See when you’re rich, you can do silly shit like that. I’m poor Meek. Things slow down on this one but it’s still hard. For some reason I like it a lot even though it could be seen as a filler track.

Blue Notes: Meek rapping from the heart again and creates some trapsoul? or maybe we should call it “trapblues”. Meek really has been in the studio putting in work and I’m loving the diversity of sounds on DC4. “Been through some shit and I’m sick of jail. No disease but I’m sick of cells”

Offended:  Do you see who is on this track? Meek, Young Thug and 21 Savage? C’mon, do I have to tell you it’s hot? Shout out to Thugga for fuckin with Piccadilly’s. 21 Savage aka 21 Sensitive (as I like to call him) makes me chuckle at his “I ain’t with that diss song shit, I been done shot a nigga, whoa”  line because I believe him 100%.

You Know: This the song for the ladies I suppose. Not crazy about it but it’s coo’ but definitely a filler track. That sound YFN Lucci makes where it sounds like he’s hurt or moaning makes me die inside every time.

Way Up: I ain’t mad at it.

Two Wrongs:  “They say two wrongs don’t make a right but if its my blood, someone has to die cause in the street life you got to sacrifice”.  I like Banks voice as Meek raps that hard hittin shit. Pusha T comes in talking about that white girl and how “Nancy Reagan raised a monster”. Pusha one of the few niggas who can rap about the same thing but it sounds like something I ain’t know about before. Chilling track.

Tony Story 3: Meek doesn’t get enough props for his storytelling prowess. “If he dies nobody cries for the bad guy”.

Outro: As things slowed down towards the end of the album, Meek leaves things on a high hitting note one last time. RIP Lil Snupe. He takes the lead of the track with a passionate and fast spittin verse. Drums drop and Meek takes off. Halloween is in two days and this beat sounds haunting as fuck. The beat switch in the middle is sick 🔥🔥. French Montana couldn’t even ruin this one.

Throughout the bullshit, DC4 is a solid project. He’s back…or maybe he never left. The drama and beefs were clouding my judgement a little but things are CLEAR now. Good job, Meek. He really emphasized his strengths and cut out the extraness. Even his “shout rap” style seems to be perfected while the beats are fire and compliment the mood for DC4.


One thought on “Review: Meek Mill “Dreamchasers 4”

  1. Meek Mill has been going hard from the get go, that fake beef with him and Drake kind of put a dirty stain on his name. But I must admit DC4 has wiped that stain away, I really can’t fault the project like you said a solid mixtape!


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